Damp Disneyland

Spring Break 20-12, Day 2

T and I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning, threw on our sweatshirts and running shoes, waited for the valet who lost our keys (twice) and then grabbed some Starbucks coffees before we entered the Disneyland when the sun rose. Normally I am not an early morning person, but a) I was so excited to be in Disneyland and b) I wanted to get our money's worth since we only had one day to do both parks!

We were a little nervous that it was going to be crazy busy the first Saturday of spring break, but we were pleasantly surprised in the morning. From about 8am - 11am, both parks were virtually empty and we walked onto almost every major ride that usually fill up really quickly. We were there right when Disneyland opened and hit Indiana Jones, Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain in the first hour, and then walked over to California Adventure at 10am when that park opened and got Fastpasses for World of Color and Soarin, and then waited in a short line for Toy Story Mania and California Screamin'. We were really happy with all that we were able to do in a short time, and then leisurely took our time the rest of the day going between both parks.

We had lunch at a fabulous restaurant in California Adventure behind the new Goofy's Flying School roller coaster (formerly known as Mulholland Madness) called The Paradise Garden Grill. While everything in Disney is ridiculously expensive (and ridiculously underwhelming taste-wise), we had never tried this place out before but heard about it form great reviews on Yelp. Well, it did not disappoint. For 9.95 you get a big, warm pita bread, rice pilaf, chicken or beef kebabs, olive oil marinade, fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. It was DELICIOUS! I wish I could go back just for that meal. It was also really quiet and private-- it's kind of hidden so I don't know if people actually know about it. I highly recommend it!

After lunch, we went back into Disneyland and that's when it started to get busy. We tried waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean and the Haunted Mansion, but both rides had over 60 minute waits which we didn't want to do. The sun eventually came out (I forgot to mention it was cloudy and cool all morning), so we ended up just walking around going into shops and on rides that we don't normally see when we're in Disneyland. We rode the train around a couple of times while I munched on my favorite Disney snack-- popcorn and Coke-- and enjoyed the sunshine that we have been missing up in Oregon.

At 4:45, we had a Fastpass for Splash Mountain and dressed in sweatshirts and long pants, we thought we'd be totally fine. Well, we were wrong. The guy sat me and T. Love right in the front row, and we got SOAKED! You might be thinking, "duh, it's Splash Mountain," but after going on this ride dozens and dozens of times before, I have never got as wet in my life on this ride as I did this time around. It was Grizzly River Rapid-style! Seriously, the wave nearly went over my head and we were soaked to the bone. What was really bad about this is that is was only about 60 degrees in Anaheim that day and our sweatshirts were really thin. I indicated earlier that our hotel was 3 miles away and we had to park in the parking garage so we didn't have the time or means to go back and change. There was no place to dry off (we tried sitting in the sun for an hour and that didn't work), and the sweatshirts were over $60 each (we didn't feel like spending that much money this early in our trip), so we had to just suck it up and be cold and damp the rest of the evening.

Well, this started to get really uncomfortable as the clouds moved back in and the temperatures dropped (and the indoor shows were air conditioned!). We enjoyed dinner back in California Adventure at the Pacific Wharf Cafe and warmed up with delicious broccoli and cheddar sourdough bread bowls (AMAZING!!), but it didn't really do the trick. So, we ended up giving in and going home at around 8:30pm. We had been in the parks for about 12 hours and done tons of stuff, but we learned our lesson that next time we visit Disneyland in the spring, we'll either bring an extra change of clothes to leave in the car, or will skip Splash Mountain altogether. We can laugh about it now, but at the time we were pretty bummed about our "damp" situation. We had a ton of fun in the park pre-Splash Mountain though, including wearing our matching Mickey and Minnie ears and taking a bunch of silly pictures on all of the rides. There truly is no place like Disney parks!

After our sourdough bread bowls in the park and watching the sun set, instead of buying the $9 glasses of wine in California Adventure, we decided to head back to our room, stop by the grocery store, pick up a bottle and enjoy a restful and relaxing evening before we boarded our Disney cruise the next morning.

... and then the storm clouds rolled in...


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