Formal Night & the Golden Mickeys

So after our fabulous tour ended, we headed back to our room to get ready for The Golden Mickeys evening performance. It was SO GOOD! I'll admit. I teared up a bit. I LOVED feeling like a kid again and seeing all of my favorite Disney characters and movies up on stage. It took me back to such a special time in my childhood when I was just simple-minded and definitely caught me up in the magic of it all. It sounds pretty cheesy, but I let myself be "ageless" on this trip and just relish the awe that Disney brings. (Yes, you can mock me.) Timothy looked at me a little funny when he saw me tearing up over the Golden Mickeys, but after the cruise was over, he eventually got it. If you've grown up with Disney, you know what I'm talking about.

It was also formal night on the cruise that night meaning it was time to put on our best clothes and mingle with the crew. I was super impressed with the fact that SO many families dressed up for formal night. During our cruise last year, we felt overdressed on formal night because many families believed that khakis and skirts were formal and not cocktail dresses or dress coats. We wanted to go all out, and we weren't alone for sure! They had complimentary cocktails in the lobby and lots of photo opportunities with characters and cast members also dressed to the nines.

Here is a picture of us on formal night with our captain of the ship, Thord Haugen.

(My hair had issues this trip so I didn't really go all out hair-wise...!

After the show, the juggler, Ivan Pecel, was doing another family show in the WaveBands where we watched him juggle a kid (no joke), as well as other things like 6 bouncing balls at the same time! He was incredibly talented. I highly recommend checking out his stuff online if you can. I think he has a Youtube page.

Wavebands at night:

(It's red in there because the only lights were red...)

After the show we finally made it to dinner for the first time. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we were on a dining rotation so we missed the restaurant, Parrot Cay, the first night (as well as all the meet-n-greets with our servers and table-mates). This night, we were at a place called Triton's and got to meet our table mates and our fabulous servers, Eddie and Raka. Disney did an amazing job and paired us with three other "kidless" couples around our same age range. That made SUCH a huge difference for us! It was great having things in common with people and we became fast friends with one couple in particular during the cruise. Disney is just all about the details for sure!

I also don't really remember what I ate each night... but I will say that I ate a lot of steak and it was all amazing, AND, if I wanted to try multiple items including soups, apps and salads, Raka just brought out one of everything to sample! I highly recommend that route... even if you don't end up eating everything. Like he said, "it all has to get used up before the cruise is over anyway, so you might as well try it!"

Dining became one of my favorite things to do on board, even though it was hard for me to wait until 8:15 every night to eat. I loved taking my time leisurely through the meals and then enjoying dessert and coffee with friends until closing time. It was so relaxing and those dinners provided a lot of memories for all of us. Plus, I loved having our servers follow us around because we got to know them really well over the course of the week also.

After we said our good-byes around 10:15pm, we headed back to our room because I am a total party-pooper and can't stay out past 11pm anymore. Our friends went out for the late-night adult entertainment options, but sadly I couldn't muster the stamina. If you are into that kind of thing and staying up late, there are TONS of options for adults to do after dinner.

Upon coming back to our room each night, we always had a navigator, chocolate and an animal to look forward to. One of my favorite nightly "rituals" was to wash my face, brush my teeth, and crawl into bed with a Navigator (the daily agenda) and a highlighter, planning out the next day's adventures.

Up next: Morning run and brunch at Palo!


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