Spa Raffles and Seasickness

Due to the storm on embarkation day that I mentioned earlier, the Sail Away party which Disney hosts when the boat leaves unfortunately had to be moved to the main atrium of the ship, which made it too crowded for us to watch. Normally they have it on the top deck which is huge, and can house everyone onboard without problem. We heard the festivities and the music and they seemed to do a great job improvising the venue, but we couldn't really see much of the party.

Since we couldn't see anything at the sail-away party, we decided to head up to the Vista Spa for the ever-tantalizing cruise-ship-spa-raffle giveaway. During the tour we went on earlier in the day, they handed us several "coupons" for discounted services on embarkation day, which I was very tempted to purchase. However, Timothy and I had literally planned our Disneyworld/family reunion trip this July on the car ride down, and he said, "Ohana/Sanaa dinners, or massage?" (O'Hana and Sanaa are two amazing [and kinda spendy] restaurants in DW.) I would love to say that we are the kind of DINKS that can afford all three of said options, but we are just teachers, so we all know that salary cap quite well...

Therefore, I opted to skip the spa this time around (I'll be honest, walking away from my last cruise with a $125 spa bill didn't really feel that great afterwards anyway...) and instead we now have a couple of romantic dinners on the horizon planned for July! Unfortunately, we did not win anything at the spa raffle this time around, but several other people did meaning that it *is* worth it to cram all together in the small gym to see whether you're one of the lucky ones.

After losing at the spa raffle, it was time to head back to our stateroom, unpack and get ready for the first show of the night which was the Welcome Aboard show. Our room was a midship, verandah room on the 7th floor. It was quite spacious and we LOVED the balcony. Holy moly. That was my favorite place to spend the afternoons while in sunny Mexico! There was also ample storage and we had plenty of space to store all of our (many) clothing items we brought on board. I will say though that I heard it was a good idea to pack a lot of extra hangers and those definitely came in handy. We liked to dress up for each dinner and wear things we don't normally wear very often at home, so we definitely used all of their hangers and then some. I think they only provide about 20 hangers total in the closets.

By this time our ship had already set sail and the vacation buzz was in full-force. We had the 8:15 seating, so we had to watch the 6:15 showings of the performances each night. I didn't mind that, but I really did not like having to wait until 8:15 to eat. The self-service restaurant called Beach Blanket Buffet didn't open until 6:00, so we never had time to get a quick snack anywhere except the counter-service places on deck 9 (which we really didn't care for). This is one reason why we ended up ordering afternoon room service almost every night!

We were always able to get good seats for the shows during the week, and we really enjoyed the Welcome Aboard show. Our cruise director, Jimmy, came out and introduced himself and got everyone riled up and in full-vacation mode. Then, the performance started which was SO good. I won't spoil it for you in case you happen to plan your own Disney cruise soon, but I loved the family aspect of it all and the focus of just getting everyone in vacation mode! We also had a fabulous juggler on board-- a 9 time world champion who juggled an axe, a bowling ball and an egg at one point in time! He was hilarious and we saw him twice throughout the ship-- his name was Ivan Pecel. I don't know if he is always on board or just for this trip, but we loved his show.

The performances always ended around 7:15, so we had enough time to watch an "after hours" performance (usually a family activity, an adults-only show or another 45 minute long entertainment activity) until it was time for dinner. I started feeling really nauseous at this point and I don't normally get motion sickness at all (I don't even wear the bands or ear patch!), so I decided that I would just lay down for an hour until dinner and hopefully would feel better.

Unfortunately... I just felt worse. By the time 8:15 rolled around, I slowly got out of bed, we put our shoes on and started walking down the stairs and that's when I felt like I was going to completely lose it. The room was spinning and I was suddenly getting hot flashes chills. Not common for me. I think what the problem was was that I'm not used to eating fried foods very often and those chicken strips weren't sitting well, plus the ocean was VERY rough coming out of LA and going into LA for about 12 hours or so. Not fun. I ended up having to go back to the room and thankfully was able to keep everything down, but on our first night Timothy and I had to order chicken noodle soup & ginger ale room service... I promised him I would make it up to him with our Palo reservations later on in the week. 

We fell asleep that night watching some of the on-demand movies on our TV: Cars 2, The Little Mermaid and The Adventures of Tin-Tin. So much for meeting up with our dining table-mates and servers the first night!

Up next: Sunshine, ship tours and sleeping in! 


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