Vacation Day 1: Crusing down the I-5 and leaving the snow behind...

Sooooo.... we had an amazing cruise. I loved it so much that we've already booked our next Disney vacation for this summer. We kind of love traveling. 

(Except I had to promise T that the next vacation we could take was to Europe... conveniently enough, the Disney Magic will be touring Europe next year... hmmm... ;) )

 On the agenda for this trip report over the next few days: 
  1. Disneyland
  2. Cruising
  3. Mexico
  4. The journey home
So to start our trip off, Timothy and I didn't have school on Friday the 23rd and we decided to drive down after the school day was over on the 22nd from Oregon to California. It was a really smooth trip and our eta to get into Anaheim was about 6:00pm on Friday night. I was excited because that was going to give us time to check into our hotel, change and then hit up Downtown Disney for shopping and dinner. You can bet I was going to get my money's worth for this 36 hour Disneyland stint!


I had {stupidly} completely forgotten about Friday, rush-hour traffic in LA, and as soon as we hit the Grapevine we were literally bumper to bumper, parking-lot style for 2 1/2 hours. There were tears (from me), impatience (from me) and calm reassurance from Timothy of course. My perfectly planned spring break trip was already going sour... thank you LA traffic!

When we finally broke free from I-5, we ended up on Harbor blvd. just north of Disneyland where we sat in MORE traffic, eventually making it to our hotel at 8:30pm... very delayed. I normally stay on Disney property when we visit Disneyland, but thought that just two nights in Anaheim for our cruise was worth saving some money using Priceline (which we do all of the time at home). Wow, big mistake. We got one of the worst locations and most poorly situated hotels in Anaheim, about 3 miles from Disneyland where they CHARGE for shuttle service to the parks and for parking at their hotel! It was an unexpected Priceline fail. I most certainly was not a happy camper. Plus, our room wasn't very clean and we didn't really get that great of a deal on the hotel. Oh well. I would be in Disneyland from sun up to sundown the next day, so I had to keep that in mind. 

{However, I have not given up on Priceline... yet!}

Suffice to say, once I was able to wash my face and change my clothes, I was ready to attempt Downtown Disney on a Friday night at 9pm, and we were able to actually get a couple of seats at the bar at the Rainforest Cafe and share some pasta and a drink after a long day of driving. I don't really like the food at Rainforest, but the experience is always so much fun (especially in Disney).

As we walked back to our car in the parking lot after our meal (and froze the whole way-- I forgot how cold California can be in the early spring!!!), we were able to watch the fireworks over Disney, and I was able to relax and enjoy being "home" in Disneyland.

The following day, we would be spending it hitting both Disney parks from opening until closing... and learning a couple of hard lessons along the way! 

Next up: Damp Disneyland 


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