Blessings of teaching

I have had an amazing three years in education. Aside from budgets and politics, I got a lot of joy out of being a teacher and spending time with the fabulous people that I worked with-- it truly was a privilege. While that chapter is coming to a close, I really don't see the last three years as a loss or a waste of my time. I wanted to write down a few blessings that I was able to experience through being a teacher, and some of the ways in which I have grown as a person. There are so many people that I am thankful for, and am appreciative of, who have taken me under their wings to mentor me and guide me through my experience as an educator.


Through teaching I...

Met my husband. 

While T. Love is an awesome guy and I knew him before we officially started spending time together, the sole purpose we even went out to breakfast that day in late December was because I was beginning my full-time student teaching placement, and I needed guidance from a fellow middle school teacher. We didn't really have anything in common (that we knew of at that point) besides teaching, so education was the common ground that brought us together. If I hadn't become a teacher, Timothy and I probably wouldn't be together right now. 


Through teaching I...

Was mentored by excellent, seasoned educators.

Cindy and Marika, my mentor teachers in my student teaching placement, taught me so many things about classroom management, about assessment, about lesson design, about navigating difficult situations, about patience, and even about different ways to have fun in the classroom. I was blessed to be able to teach on a team with Cindy after my student teaching was over for a year, and was able to stay close with Marika after my time at Hopkins was over. I owe so much of my educational practice to them, and appreciate them for giving up their time in the classroom to mentor me along the way. 


Through teaching I...

 Made so many lasting and authentic friendships.

Between Hopkins, Conestoga and Evergreen (even in my time at George Fox), I have remained close with colleagues who are AMAZING teachers. People who inspired me to be a better teacher, who taught me patience, who encouraged me and supported me, who believed in the initiatives I took, who trusted me and who partnered with me with the students that we shared together. Having teachers as colleagues is an incredibly bonding experience, and to me, they really feel like family. I know that just because I have left the classroom, does not mean these friendships will cease to exist. Thank you so much, colleagues, for EVERYTHING you have taught me-- I cherish it and I hope that someday we can partner together again. :)


Through teaching I...

Got to work for fabulous administrators.

My administrators were such a gift to my teaching career. Never before have I felt so supported and believed in-- especially in my time at Evergreen. I wish everyone could have the opportunity to work for Rian and Linda-- it was truly one of the best jobs I've had before, and I know that everyone who has worked for them feels the same way. To have a supportive administration when you're a teacher, and dealing with all of the things that we face as teachers on a daily basis, is one of the best gifts and makes what we do worthwhile. I so appreciate all of the principals and administrative staff that I've worked with who have invested in me as a new teacher-- it did not go unnoticed. 


Through teaching I...

Spent time with students that I will never forget. There are too many to name on here that I care so much for, and will always be cheering on in life. Teaching is incredibly rewarding, and daily-- daily, I was impacted by my students. They surprised me, made me laugh, challenged me, blessed me and I was so fortunate to be their teacher. 

I do not for one second regret entering in the teaching profession. I think so much of the policies and funding measures that go into education need serious reform, but being a teacher was one of the best titles that I've held. Thank you for all who made it memorable for me, and for the time and resources you invested in me. I'm looking forward now to new experiences and new learning opportunities, and am excited about what the future holds. 


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