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I love this reminder.

So many things in my life have occurred that show me that everything happens for a reason. While I might not understand why something's happening in the moment, I know that I can trust that it's a movement to someplace new. 

I am loving where I'm at! While God closed the door (slammed?) on teaching, He opened another one in a place where I am so happy. I would never have thought I'd be entering back into the business world again, but I am honestly loving it.

**Yes, I'm giving up summer travel and time with T. 

However, we've also traveled so. much. in the past three summers, and we're pretty happy with where we've been. 

*Disneyland (twice)
*New York
*Mexico (twice)
*Disneyworld (twice)
*Costa Rica
*Numerous Oregon staycations

We're also feeling like absence will make the heart grow fonder with each other. :) Two spirited people together 24/7 the last three summers has made for some interesting conversations! We're just going to be more intentional about the types of vacations that we plan and where we decide to go.


With life changes that occur, I walk in these truths: 

1. God loves me
2. Whatever is good, is of God
3. God promises to work all things in my life out for good, according to his purpose
4. God's plan is not to harm me, but to give me a purpose and a hope
5. God loves us enough to send His son for me. 


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  1. Congratulations on your next adventure! I love when God works in his amazing ways!


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