Long overdue update!

Three months later, things are finally slowing down...

I wanted to write a heartfelt, sincere update for you about the major changes have occurred in my life (and collectively, T's and my life together), because while the opportunities are exciting and I am passionate about what I'm doing, I will definitely need your support!  

So obviously you remember that my teaching position in Hillsboro was eliminated due to budget cuts, and that I held on all summer waiting for something full-time to emerge. Well, it didn't, and so I was left with the option of either continuing to look elsewhere for a full-time teaching positions (which were pretty much obsolete), or go back into the business world like I did prior to teaching. I chose the latter, and was blessed by a good job with an industry standards organization. However, just about the time I took that job, I received opportunity after opportunity to shoot weddings, engagement sessions, family portraits, etc., and my photography business just started growing out of nowhere. I was balancing all of these new photography jobs with my new business job, editing photos, training our new puppy, traveling for work and trying to keep up with all of the responsibilities that come with life and marriage as well. Then, along came Stella & Dot. 

I discovered this fabulous company called Stella & Dot while at my favorite barre workout studio called Xtend Barre. I saw these jewelry pieces that absolutely captivated me-- and were completely my style as if I had designed them myself. 

The quality and craftsmanship that go into each pieces and their design inspiration are unmatched in the industry. The lead designer of Stella & Dot used to be the lead designer for Banana Republic, if that gives any indication into the type of pieces offered in their collection!

So, I naturally felt that I wanted to own them all, but obviously couldn't. That's when the stylist at the event offered to come over and hold a trunk show at my house. She explained that it was where I'd grab a few girlfriends on a Friday night, have some wine and shop from my living room like a pop-up boutique shop. Then, for opening my home up and hosting the event, I would be rewarded with around $250 in free jewelry of my choice from Stella & Dot! It sounded easy enough and just up my alley. :) Friends, shopping, wine and free jewelry.

When I had my trunk show that I co-hosted with my good friend Sara, we had SO much fun. A bunch of girls playing dress up and picking out gorgeous pieces to get and gift was a great way to spend a Friday night. 

So, what did I do after my trunk show? I signed up to become a stylist! I had so much fun and realized that becoming a stylist and holding trunk shows was a really great way to earn a part-time income while sharing Stella & Dot with others and helping women enhance their jewelry wardrobe with versatile pieces instead of having to go out for a new outfit when things feel kind of blah. Needless to say, my business with Stella & Dot took off and soon I was balancing a full-time job with photography jobs, editing, a new puppy, a husband, a home, AND Stella & Dot. I was quickly becoming burnt out and at a fork in my own road. 

I prioritized and asked myself what it was I really loved doing and wanted to do in life. I want to eventually be able to stay home with our kids when we have them, and to be the wife who has dinner ready when my husband gets home and make our house a home like my mom always did growing up. There is no way I would be able to do that with a full-time job, as it has been challenging enough even working 8 - 5 but close to home. Pursuing my passion as a photographer and getting to help style women and even coach them as they launch their own businesses with Stella & Dot has been the biggest reward to me besides teaching. So, earlier this month I decided to resign from my full-time position in order to pursue this new path full-force. 

It's a huge risk. A leap of faith. But one I am SO excited about and hoping for your support in. Your support can be manifested in one of the following ways:

1) Not labeling or judging Stella & Dot as "another one of those home-based businesses," or "home parties," because it is absolutely more than that stigmatized label in so many ways. :) 

2) Not cursing me under your breath every time you log-in to Facebook and see a post about Stella & Dot... I am SO not offended if you choose to hide my statuses, but hope that our friendship & connection is above the urge to "unfriend" me! ;) 

3) Sharing my website or posts with other women in your life who you think might love the jewelry, love to earn free jewelry at a trunk show or might even love to work a part-time job from home or earn an extra side income for fun money. My website is www.stelladot.com/meganlove

4) Hosting a trunk show with me! ;)

5) Praying for me as I begin this new venture because it is a huge leap of faith!!

6) Emailing me or calling me to catch up in person, because I only really use Facebook as an "appeal to the masses," because it's so much easier to connect with a large audience of people-- not as a substitute for an in-person relationship. I enjoy checking in on what's new in your life, but I would 1,000% much rather do that in person!!

7) Sharing my photography website, www.meganlovephotography.com with anyone you think might be interested or looking for a photographer in the upcoming months. You can check my most recent work out if you haven't already on my Megan Love Photography business Facebook page.

I have never done anything like this before, but I am extremely excited at the opportunity and the potential it holds for our lives. I'm excited to be able to prepare better meals, to keep our home clean all the time, to be home to greet my husband when he gets home and take care of our dog during the day, and to spend a lot more time at peace and slowing down as I work (essentially) from home.

And a side benefit? I get to go back and sub at my old school anytime I am feeling the urge to teach again! ;)

Thank you so much for your graciousness, your support in my new ventures, and in letting me share my heart with you.


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