Our upcoming travels of 2013

So part of me feels like I'm going to be ill over the price of flights to Europe for the summer. RIDICULOUS. I mean seriously. I have probably wasted close to an hour each night for the last six weeks checking flight prices and comparing/researching to no avail. Booking expensive flights is so not fun because there is always this wondering of "are they going to go down in price tomorrow?" type of thing. So today, I booked. I booked the absolute by far most expensive plane ticket I have ever purchased in my LIFE. Let's just say that we'll be working overtime for the next five months to try and make up that punch in the stomach, but like Timothy said tonight: It's a necessary evil. 

Because: We're going to Europe!! 

Teachers have the fabulous yet unfortunate circumstance of only having the summer for dedicated travel time. Therefore, it means we pay three times what anyone else traveling during off-peak season pays, we have 5 times as many crowds, and generally things sell out quicker. But again: necessary evil. 

After I finally calmed down over this large expenditure, T and I talked over dinner tonight and he reminded me of our reality: We are taking a ridiculously amazing dream trip to Europe for two weeks, visiting Rome, Ephesus, Pompeii, Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Istanbul and Florence and then the most decadent thing of all-- we're leaving Europe to meet up with my family for ten days in Disneyworld. I mean, it's almost embarrassing... but if it is what it is, then I'll take it. :)

We absolutely do not take these circumstances for granted, and it is totally game on for the next few months to see how hard we can work to pay for the duration of our summer travels fully in cash. We're already very proud of ourselves because we've paid for our trip to the Caribbean next month in cash and have saved frugally and stringently for the last year to be able to do so. As cheesy as Dave Ramsey is, his theories (for the most part) really do work. And because of it, we're paying freely for the thing we love fourth in our life (after God, each other, and family): travel. 

We like to say that we work to travel. Travel is a huge part of who we are; our worldviews, our ideas, our thoughts and dreams. Travel has changed us so much in so many ways, and it is what keeps us motivated to work twelve to fourteen hour days, seven days a week. Adventures and exploring has brought us closer together, impacted and shaped our marriage and taught us so much about each other. 

We want to raise our kids traveling. We want to teach them to be uncomfortable in unfamiliar situations and learn how to navigate things that are foreign with confidence. We want to immerse them in other cultures and teach them respect for it. We want to show them history. We want them to walk in the footsteps of influencers before them. We want them to be captivated by nature's beauty and have wonder for things that are God-inspired.  The more that we travel, the more it will become imbedded in our family life and in the way our kids grow up. 

So, our travel plans have officially finalized as of this morning. 2013 will take us to:

1) Fort Lauderdale
2) Cozumel
3) Jamaica
4) Grand Cayman
5) Haiti
6) Rome
7) Ephesus
8) Naples
9) Istanbul
10) Athens
11) Mykonos
12) Santorini
13) Florence
14) Orlando
15) Vegas

Wow. Just reading that list humbles me in great thanks to God who provides for us and blesses us to pursue this thing in life that we love called travel. 

Whether you also have perpetual wanderlust like we do, or live vicariously through House Hunters International at 7:30pm on weeknights... ;) I hope you'll journey with us this year on our adventures and be inspired as we are, even from home, about what can be learned through earnest travel. 


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