Zeke Moses

So most of you know by now that T and I got a dog last summer. Our first responsibility. Practice for kids some day, or so we'd like to think. 

We knew we wanted a dog for awhile, but after a failed go at having a cat and no desire for any other pet except a dog, we decided that once things settled down in our lives we would "talk" about getting a dog. 

Well, when you're Megan Weiss (Love), talk is cheap. We talked and talked and talked for months and did nothing. We were getting reaaaallllly good at talking. 
 What's more, when we saw dogs on the street, they were the kind that would make us run for the door. High-pitched yelping dogs. Dogs that shed over our fur. Dogs that licked their butts and then licked us. Dogs that smelled bad. Dogs that would try attacking us on the sidewalk. None of the dogs we met made us want to even come close to getting a dog. 

Until we saw this guy: 

Zekester. Zeke a Doodle. Zeke Moses. Zeke puppy. Zekie Poo. Stinkeroo. Puppy boy. Zekie-kins. 

Zeke Moses is our adorable Golden Doodle puppy baby. 

Thanks to my good friend Sara McGuire, we were introduced to the Goldendoodle breed because her family was considering getting one too. We had been interested in other doodle breeds because of their hypoallergenic fur, but had never heard of the Golden combo. When we learned how smart and loving they are, combined with the fact that they do not shed whatsoever, we were sold. After laying eyes on our little puppy boy in his litter we knew we had to take him home. 

Bringing Zeke home was one of the best decisions T and I have made so far. Raising a puppy is extremely hard and trying and I imagine much different than raising your own child. T and I are excited to be parents one day, but having this little guy in our lives really does enrich us. 

Zeke has done many naughty things in his short little life so far, such as (in no particular order)

**Eating the drywall in two places in our laundry room. 
**Gnawing on random floor molding in various corners of our house
**Eating three pairs of my shoes, and one pair of T's shoes
**Stealing our roasted chicken off the counter just before it was time to eat
** Necessitating that we buy a carpet cleaner
**Eating through every single sock that we have... he is a sneaky dude
**Destroying toilet paper rolls
**Chewing a hole in my antique wooden chair, in my leather footstool, and gnawing the wood on my new desk

Caught in action:

But we love this little guy. He is smart (so smart that he knows exactly which car is Timothy's coming up the road and will fly to the garage door and wait when he hears it); he is loving (he cuddles up at our feet or rests his head in our laps every single night), he is obedient (okay, we're working on that...) and he is FUNNY (the way he cocks his head to the side, or absolutely knows when he is being naughty and will run away and hide the thing he knows he's not supposed to be chewing). I never knew a dog could have so much personality. 

Having him is a sacrifice, but my heart was so warmed this weekend when we saw him running to his little heart's content on the sand, chasing the ocean and the birds alongside it. He was SO happy. 

So this might be a little bit of an "I heart my dog" post, but really. He warms my heart so much. It's amazing how much love I could have for a silly little dog. If I adore him this much, I am SO excited for the love that is possible for our children someday. God has blessed us so much in our lives-- even with our little stinker puppy, Ezekiel Moses. 


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