Spread Hope.

I don't know if you've experienced this lately, but there is a lot of struggle going on in the world right now. In our schools. In our neighborhoods. In our communities. In our churches. In our families. And that barely scratches the surface.

It seems like weekly I've been hearing reports from people close to me of difficult life situations they are facing. Times of despair; times of heartbreak. Times of overwhelming unknowns; times of pain and times of discouragement. Job loss, illness, foreclosures, etc... My heart becomes full wanting to not only pray for these circumstances, but to do something as well. However, I'm often at a loss as to what I can do just by myself.

The other day, a thought popped into my head that has the potential to be a beautiful partnership between you, me, families in need and people in your life just needing a little bit of hope. An "I'm thinking of you," an "I'm praying for you," A "remember who you are" type of reminder.

At Stella & Dot, we have something called a Friendship Bracelet. The idea behind these bracelets are that you give them away to someone letting you know you're thinking of them. There are three bracelets:

The Love bracelet, with a message inside saying "The richness of life is in love..."

The Courage bracelet, with a message inside saying "From caring comes strength..."

The Light bracelet, with a message inside saying "Sparkle from the light within..."

The reason behind this idea is because you probably know someone in your life who could use an encouragement during a struggle or difficult circumstance they may be facing. These friendship bracelets are a way of saying, "I'm thinking about you" which is a really special way to spread hope.

What I would like to do is for every $100 in profits from friendship bracelets purchased from this link  between now and April 10th, I will anonymously donate 100% of those profits to families in need in our community through grocery gift cards, a $100 bill, etc. And I hope that we can reach multiple families! If you know of a family who could use $100 because of a difficult situation they are facing right now, please send me an email at meganlove17@gmail.com with their name and address, and I will add them to the list.

As a recap, the Spread Hope project is a way that we, together, can reach out and encourage others we know in a tangible way who are struggling right now. You, by purchasing a bracelet and sending it along with a note to someone you know who might need encouragement, and me by sending gift cards to families who might need that blessing in their lives right now.

I hope that we can go far with this campaign and have a huge impact! Please share this blog post with friends and family, and join me in spreading hope.

I will follow-up with you on April 10th to share the results! Join me in spreading hope to others in our community who need it. Remember to shop from this link: http://www.stelladot.com/ts/0jbo5


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