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You know from this past weekend's blog post that something big is going to happen with the Spread Hope project. (click this link to read more) 

I said I would update you on April 10th, but I can't help wanting to update you already-- we are going to be able to help one family already with groceries this month! And hopefully-- many more to come!

For those of you just tuning in, Spread Hope is a way to recognize and reach out to someone you know going through a hard time with a tangible "Hang in there," or "You matter," or "I'm thinking of you," or "Be brave" gift through one of our Stella & Dot friendship bracelets-- Courage, Love, or Light

With the proceeds from your Friendship Bracelet order, for ever $100 received I will be sending an anonymous gift card for groceries or money for bills to a family in need in our community (or even in yours!). I don't have the resources to help everyone around me, but together with you, we can make a big difference to Spread Hope. If you know of a family in need, please email me at meganlove17@gmail.com.

Think of how someone will feel knowing that you cared enough to reach out to them. To let them know you're thinking of them, and to not lose heart. You can even send your Friendship Bracelet anonymously. Think of your mom, your co-worker, your aunt, your sister, your friend, your friend's friend, your neighbor, the regular at Starbucks you always see, your kids' friends' mom, teachers, etc. Everyone could use a little hope in their lives!

10 things we spend $19 without even thinking about it:

1) Our weekly lattes at Starbucks
2) Lunch with a friend
3) 1/2 a tank of gas
4) Shopping at Target
5) A shirt at Old Navy
6) Organic groceries for dinner
7) Going to the movies
8) Make-up
9) Eyebrow waxing
10) Manicures

I know we can afford to give up one of these things this week to give someone a reminder through a Courage, Love or Light friendship bracelet, that will be a daily reminder to them that someone cares enough about them to reach out. And when you do that, you'll be helping another family in your community with groceries or bills for the month since I'll be donating the proceeds from the friendship bracelets to them as well. I'm giving up Starbucks this week to buy my friendship bracelet. 

To pick up your friendship bracelet, shop this link and search "friendship bracelet": http://www.stelladot.com/ts/0jbo5


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