You know that itching feeling you get when you need to de-clutter? That happens to me when my closet floor starts piling up, or the kitchen sink start overflowing, or I can barely close my downstairs hall closet because so many things are piling up. It gives me a sort of anxiety that makes my heart race and my mind choosing to ignore it so that I won't boil over. Clutter is a burden to me. 

For nearly ten years, my life has looked a little something like this:

1) Wake up in the morning, check Facebook. 

2) Be sitting at the gas station, check Facebook. 

3) Get home from work, check Facebook. 

4) Get ready for bed, check Facebook. 

Sometimes, more often than that and sometimes, just for the sheer sake of having nothing else to do in life but to check Facebook. During road trips? I'm checking Facebook. During TV time? Checking Facebook. If I posted something interesting? Checking Facebook like once a minute. Seeing how many comments and likes you can get by something you post is quite addicting, and clearly Facebook knows that. 

The thing is, is that there were so many times I felt like there was no way I could ever live without Facebook. Facebook has transformed the way we communicate with one another and stay plugged into each other's lives. 

But how will I know when so-and-so gets pregnant? How will I know when so-and-so is engaged? I need to see pictures of so-and-so's vacation! 

Facebook was my go-to tool for communication, checking-in, and staying altogether connected to the lives of my friends & family. The problem was, however, that it became the only tool I used to do so. 

In the last year, Facebook became a sort of clutter-fied news service regarding the meals people were eating and what online games they were playing, and not a method to stay in contact with those I am closest too. 

I began feeling this sense of anxiety that was reminiscent of my hall closet or my overflowing kitchen sink. 

It's not fair to my friends and family that I was learning about what was happening in their lives through what they posted on Facebook-- I need to call them, visit them, check in in a personal way instead of online, and Facebook contributed to laziness on my part when it comes to keeping in touch. 

I LOVE meeting people, connecting with people, sharing stories, emailing, having coffee and communicating. I am an open book and I would LOVE to get together with you because I am Facebook friends with you for a reason!

However, the time has come for me to stop staying connected to your life through social media, and to start staying connected in person. 

I will be blogging a lot more often, so if you'd like to stay plugged into the happenings in our lives, please bookmark this page and subscribe to this blog! You can email me at, or follow pictures and other such ventures on instagram at @megan_amore. I will also be maintaining my Facebook page through Megan Love Photography, so please like that page and stay connected to my photography and other opportunities on that page. 

Really, I just want to be intentional about how I'm keeping in touch with the people in my life, and if you're a Facebook friend, there's a reason for that. So please keep in touch. I'm deleting Facebook after 10 years because I just want to de-clutter my free time and Facebook has just been too too too much. 


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