Investing in quality... and feeling okay about it.

So lately I've found myself simplifying and scaling back. I think that's healthy. 

I've moved from four jobs to two (progress, right?), have been cooking more from scratch and investing in luxuries that last (which means less things to replace in the long run). 

I have spent many years collecting cheap things that break easily because I thought it was a bargain to get something so cheap.

Lo and behold, however, that when those clothing items pilled or those Ikea tables chipped or those bracelets broke, I was out money and on to the next replacement. It wasn't until I spent time at my grandma's house a few summers ago where I realized the value of investment. 

See, my grandma has beautiful things. Beautiful things that cost a lot at first, but that have lasted her over thirty years. Clothing that has not gone out of style. Necklaces that are priceless heirlooms. Furniture that has held its classy appeal since the day she brought it home from the department store. (Thanking her every day that she gifted me her gorgeous vintage chair from 1952!)

It helps that my grandma has an eye for fashion, but her style has shown me that sometimes, it's okay to indulge(or invest, if you will). Because of what she's invested in, she has a few beautiful things instead of closets full of junk. 

Three years ago, after my hefty Master's degree bill and subsequently embarking on the road to professional employment, I decided that slowly, over time, I wanted to invest in beautiful things. I want to surround my home with pieces that are classic and represent the style of my family. I want my wardrobe to not be seasonal mixes of trendy polyester from Forever 21, but instead to be quality designs and fabric that don't go out of style. And most importantly, I wanted to be a good steward of the finances God blessed us with and not be wasteful with purchases.  

I love my new velvet couch not only for its appearance but for the quality of fabric it was made with (and the warranty it comes with if anything should happen!). 

My goal is to keep investing in beautiful things that last many years, and that also includes staples to my wardrobe. I love my statement necklaces from Stella & Dot that literally and truly revive any plain outfit. I love cozy sweaters and high boots. I think sometimes it's healthy and it's okay to invest in one thing that lasts versus five things that might be cheaper but wear out faster. (Bonus points if you find a great investment-worthy brand at Goodwill or a garage sale AND it's cheap!)

This is by no means a post saying go out and blow your money on re-doing your house in Pottery Barn or buying everything at Nordstrom. However, it's saying that for me, I'm slowly converting my wardrobe and my home one investment piece at a time and weeding out the junk.  

(don't mind the messy bed...)

outfit today:

Top// Caslon (Nordstrom)


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