Sacred Marriage

T and I just started a Life Group with our senior pastor and his wife at Beaverton Foursquare and another sweet and godly couple for young married couples in our church. Tonight was our first meeting, and I was so blessed by God's faithfulness in our answers to prayer for who would be a part of this group with us. It is clear that He has a purpose for each person and their story in this group, and on the way home, T and I were talking about just how evident that would be throughout this year together. 

We got to talking after the group was over about the book Sacred Marriage, and I have to tell you, I am SO excited to read this book. It wasn't one we had planned on reading, but the more I have heard about it, the more I can't wait to get started. We all shared tonight about our need for intentionality in our marriage and for setting time apart in our marriages to shape us into holy people. 

Timothy and I want to be more intentional in the words we speak to one another, in reading the Word together and talking about what God is teaching us as often as we can during the week, and to remind each other frequently about what our strengths are as spouses and people. 

One activity the book Sacred Marriage encourages is to "write a letter to our spouse expressing how we have seen them grow, look, act and be more like Jesus. Also write down one or two ways you have seen the marriage journey shape you more into the image of Jesus. Let your spouse know that you thank God for how He has used them in this refining and maturing process." I don't know if I've ever actually thought about sitting down and communicating this truth with Timothy, and I appreciate God using this book's encouragement to remind me to do so.  

For us, we praise God daily at his grace and faithfulness to us during our first year of marriage. Because we didn't know each other very well (fast engagement) and because we are very different people, our first year was very challenging and Satan tried to get a stronghold on the strength of our marriage multiple times. God rescued us from ourselves and what the Bible commands of us as spouses truly shaped us into better individuals together. 

I love that this book is filled with encouragements to be intentional in our marriages and with our spouses. Too often we rush through life taking care of chores and errands and business and work to really sit down and praise our spouse or encourage our spouse. 

I know that this week and for the weeks to come throughout this Life Group and beyond, I am going to focus more on being intentional with Timothy and less on the excuses I come up with for why I can't. 

My encouragement to you is to be intentional with your spouse. Use time together in the car to share with them reasons why you love them or praise them for things they do well. Take your spouse on a date, or read the Word together and ask your spouse to share with you what God is speaking to them through what they've read. 

I will share things that I've learned as Timothy and I have navigated through this book together, and I hope that you might be encouraged to read this book with your spouse, too. 

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