Stitch Fix #3!

I adore Stitch Fix. Like really really really. 

If you remember my last post back in November, I got my first fix and have been in love ever since. I received this awesome black and tan dress that I wear alllll the time {think: Birthday, work, Thanksgiving, Christmas, work parties, pretty much everywhere...} and get tons of compliments on. I would never have picked it out on my own for sure, and yet it's one of my favorite pieces in my closet. 

What I love about Stitch Fix is that it arrives at my door, my Pinterest style board was taken into consideration, and all feedback I provide on previous shipments is considered and honored. 

I got a Stitch Fix in December, but we're going to call that month, "The fix we shall not speak of." There were a few shipping snafus, styling snafus and pieces that were definitely, definitely, definitely not me. So not me, that I couldn't even bear to post the photos. When I contacted Stitch Fix about such a sad shipment, they immediately righted their wrong and credited me my styling fee in hopes I'd try them again. Okay Stitch Fix, you didn't have to twist my arm too hard. :)

January's fix, however, is BOMB. So bomb that I was looking for any reason or flaw not to take the whole box (you receive a 25% discount on the whole thing when you do!) because I wrote a for-reals blog about resolutions for 2014. That means not buying things I don't have the cash for and not putting things on credit. Soooo I picked three that I could afford, and not five. (See? Baby steps!)

I am so excited to show you this month's Stitch Fix, and I hope you convert to this amazing styling service like I have. Monthly fixes for me mean less trips to Nords (bye-bye level 2...)

Item #1: Rowena Metallic Cross-Back Peplum Top

So what you can't see on this gorgeous little number is that there are sparkles all throughout, and the other fact is that it's a soft and delicate sweater with a peplum style. Something you should know about me is that I adore how peplum looks on cute people who wear it, and yet it always looks awwwwwwwful on me. I thoroughly hoped the peplum trend would disappear fast. When I saw I was getting a peplum top in this shipment, I cringed. And then, the moment of glory happend: It looked cute on me too! The material is so thin and soft and a perfect pair with leggings. It's long enough that it doesn't hit me like an empire waist, but fitted enough that it's flattering. I see myself mostly wearing it with leggings, and maybe with white jeans (if I ever own any--ha). Super happy with this great date night piece-- definitely keeping it! 

Item #2: Harlow Plaid Infinity Scarf

I really really liked this scarf. A lot. Buuuuut, the thing is that I have about 18 scarves already that I rotate through and couldn't justify another one. I treated myself to THREE Gap scarves already in December alone, so my husband {and pocketbook} would probably appreciate not buying another one. I'm sending this one back. 

Item #3: Harlow Plaid Button Up Shirt

So T is obsessed with plaid. He loves plaid scarves, plaid shirts for himself, and is always recommending plaid to me if he comes shopping with me. However, I've never been able to find a cute plaid top that doesn't make me look like a lumberjack. Until now. My stylist nailed this shirt on the head because it can be worn with black and brown. Pretty much any bottoms for that matter {have I mentioned I really want a pair of white jeans??} and for that I am grateful. T didn't even look at the price of the shirt and said "you're definitely keeping that one." Good thing it was only $28. :) Definite keep! 

Items #4 &5: Jordanne A-Line Skirt and Jordanne Long Sleeved Cardigan 

{Hi Zeke}

So I really loved the color of this cardigan, but unfortunately (or again, probably fortunately for my checkbook) the sleeves were too long on me. I love long cardigans, but I do have several so it was probably for the best. Not keeping that one. 

You may not be able to tell, but I'm wearing this really thick a-line black skirt that fits me like a glove and is a definite wardrobe staple. I don't even own one regular black skirt, so I was suuuuuper happy this basic piece was in my shipment this month because I really needed it. 

Third time was definitely a charm for this fix and I am really excited for the next one! If you haven't checked out Stitch Fix yet, you definitely should. I love being able to try on new pieces I'd never pick out myself in person and see how they fit with other clothes in my closet. You set the prices you want for certain pieces and they are always in the range you select. Stitch Fix FTW. 

Happy New Year!


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