10 Signs You Should Invest in Travel

Maybe, just maybe, if you're anything like me you have a creeping desire for wanderlust. As much as travel seems to be an ever-elusive expenditure, it can really become an intentional line item on your monthly budget planning with just a little commitment and follow-through on your part.

It's time to stop pinning and start planning. Here are ten signs that you should start investing in travel. 

1. You have a monthly subscription to a travel magazine.
(Travel + Leisure, Budget Travel, or even some spam mailer that somehow finds its way to your mailbox month after month. And you don't throw it away instantly...)

2. Your Pinterest travel Pinboard is filled with wishes and dreams to exotic places planned for "whenever you get money."

3. You get just a little bit jealous when that traveling friend of yours informs you she's going on another trip to California/Hawaii/Italy/New York/the beach.

4. Your screensaver at work is plastered with rotating pictures of France, Italy, the ocean or any other vacation destination. 

5. You stare longingly and wipe the drool from your mouth when you're watching Downton Abbey and the repetitive commercials advertising "Viking River Cruises" in Europe come on TV. 

6. You fondly remember "that one trip" you took which was so epic/memorable/awe-inspiring/incredible back when you were growing up and flip through photo albums as often as you can to reminisce. 

7. Your favorite movies tend to be ones set in European cities, like Life is Beautiful, Amelie, Midnight in Paris, and Love Actually. 

8. Your savings account is looking for something to spend itself on. 

9. "French Jazz Music" is a station on your Pandora. 

10. Your favorite class in college was Cultural Anthropology. 

(This list may or may not have been inspired by personal details.) 


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