Spring Break 2k14

It's that time of year again!

Travel planning 2k14. 

(Also known as my favorite thing to spend money on and my favorite thing in life besides God, my husband, my family and teaching. And photography. And eating. And coffee. 

Okay there are a lot of things I love, but travel is definitely tops.)

The theme of 2014 is intentional spending. As in, how we spend our money has to be in the best way, for the best things ("best" is relative to different people) and not be  on things that are cluttery and non-essential. Intentional spending permeates our food budget, our clothing budget, how we shop at Target, how we shop in general, how we think about travel and what we choose to spend in our daily lives. Do I reaaallllyyy need another pair of boots? No. 

Do I reeeealllllyyyy need a rain jacket for track season? YES. 

Would I rather go out to eat or would I rather buy organic, free range chicken and fresh bucatini noodles from New Seasons? 

Should we drive down to California to cruise and spend money on gas / tips / taxes / hotel stays or should we splurge locally and explore our home state in luxury?

The latter of all, please. 


Every single spring break, we need to get away. 

I don't care where, I don't care how. Just need to. 

This year, we exhausted our options to spend our budget the best way that we could and for the best purposes. We considered a cruise to Mexico, a cruise to the Caribbean, a trip to Washington DC, a trip to Mexico, a trip to Zion National Park, and so many things in-between. You know what was the glaring, awful, frustrating factor in all of our considerations? Travel costs.

Spring break travel costs are the highest of any other time (barring Christmas I think). It's ridiculous. Everyone flees and airlines + hotels jack up their prices. So, even though we do get spring break off (and trust me, I'm not complaining), the prices that we would be charged are through the roof. (For example, $900 to fly to Houston, Miami or Orlando per person; $500 to fly to Los Angeles. Per. Person). 

So, instead of cave and increase our budget or have a small vacation and spend the rest on gas, we're eliminating the transportation cost and "exploring our hometown." We're getting away in the sense that we're staying in hotels, but we're also indulging in things we have the ability to indulge in during this season of our lives. I am thrilled, excited, and sooooooo looking forward to what spring break 2014 will look like because it will be a whole lot of relaxation and barely any driving. Hallelujah. 

Willamette Valley Food + Wine Tour
1. 2 nights at The Allison Inn and Spa
2. Dinner at The Painted Lady
3. Brunch at Jory
5. Wine tasting at Sokol Blosser, Soter, and any new places The Allison sends us
6. Lunch at Nick's

Bonfires + Beach Escape

2. Breakfast at Bread & Ocean Bakery
3. Dinner at Big Wave Cafe
4. Cooking a 3 course meal in our gorgeous granite kitchen
5. Driving up to our favorite restaurant in Gearhart, the Pacific Way Cafe
6. Lunch at Mo's?
7. Whatever else intrigues us as we relax on the water

City Exploration

1. 2 nights at Hotel Monaco
2. Two words: Food. Carts. 
3. Finally taking the OHSU tram like we've wanted to do forever
4. Breakfast at Stepping Stone-- where we had our first date
5. Re-visit Waffle Window!
6. Dinner at Piazza Italia (of course)
7. A long-anticipated visit to Cacao
8. Stroll, saunter and cruise through downtown streets visiting places we've never seen before. 

Spring break 2014 is allowing us to live like tourists in our own state without wasting money on transportation. I'm soooo looking forward to it, especially for the fact that I get to be on vacation. 

(Why not just stay in our home and then travel around each day? Because when you're on vacation you don't have to do laundry, dishes or cook.) :) 


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