Stitch Fix #4: Good things come in brown packages

So it's no surprise that T and I are on a budget this year that we call "intentional spending." The last few years as we've been DINKS (double-incomes-no-kids) we've really thought nothing about our spending habits which meant that if we wanted something, we bought it. 

Life has caught up with us {in a good way} and we've realized that spending money on whatever we want and not thinking about it is kind of exhausting and it feels reallllll good to be in control of our habits and finances. What intentional spending looks like for us is asking the following questions before we buy:

1) Do we need this?
2) Is this the best use of our money?
3) Is there something better we could be spending our money on?
4) Do we have something already that could meet this need?

If we answer appropriately to all four of the above, we spend. If even one category is negative then we don't. Simple as that. 

Intentional spending is fun AND freeing. I feel like I have a bigger handle on what's more important in life and when we do splurge, it's that much more meaningful. 

So, this leads me to my monthly "Stich Fixes." 

I won't give up Stitch Fix, because they keep me out of the mall/Target/Woodburn Outlets/online shopping. I look forward to them each month, and I know that I have enough self-control to make the right decision (even when I'm tempted) on which piece to invest in. We both work hard, we both have incomes (I even have two) so intentional spending is NOT deprivation, but more just "is it wise to buy this thing," when we're considering purchasing. 

For those that don't know, Stitch Fix is a monthly clothing shipment from a variety of high-end labels that are customized to fit your budget, size, style preferences, etc., that you fill out in a customized and through style profile {which even includes your Pinterest!}. The clothes ship for free straight to your house, so instead of going into a cramped dressing room, you have the comfort of your own home and closet for inspiration. 

My stylist Laurie is one who I landed on after two not-so-great fixes in 2013. What's nice is that you are assigned a stylist and you can request new ones until you find one that works well with you. In my first box I bought one item, and my second, zero. However, Laurie put together my third box and after that I knew I wanted to keep her. :)

For this fix, I wanted more unique pieces but I didn't really know how to articulate that. The problem that happened with this box (which was probably a blessing in disguise) was that I really liked everything, but for some reason the pieces were really high compared to previous boxes. It was easy for me to say no to certain things because they were way more than I'd feel comfortable spending. 

Item #1: Rizzo Skinny Ponte Pants

I wish it wasn't so super dark/light {the sun was intense today and even my curtains couldn't make the light work!} but these are a pair of AWESOME thick skinny black pants that almost feel like jeggings. They have back pockets like jeans, but are so thick that they could be like skinny pants-- however, they are comfortable like leggings which makes them the perfect combination to wear to work, on a date, out to dinner, shopping, on the weekends, to church-- you name it. I love their versatility and how flattering they are. I have these really cute ankle boots that I can never wear because they don't go with my skinny jeans and I always want to wear them to school but never want to wear leggings. Since these pants are modest and look like jeans, they are the perfect alternative. I was really nervous because my monthly clothing allowance total is $100 and these pants were $88. However, they were so unique and exactly what I've wanted and needed so it was an easy, intentional decision. 

Shopping status? Kept. 

Item #2: Splendid Celina Striped Button-Up Shirt

For some reason, and I have no idea why, this shirt was $118. This was an easy no because first of all, while it was kind of cute and I probably would have paid $30 for it, I have no idea why it was so much money. This was a "thanks but no thanks" shirt that made it easy to stick with my budget. Splendid is a brand that I see in TBD at Nordstrom sometimes, but I've never bought anything because their prices are soooo high. I'm sure there's some justified reason for their pricing but not when it's just a basic, plain shirt. 

Status: Definitely not kept

Item #3: RD Style Canby Twisted Seams V-Neck Sweater

I realllllly liked the idea of this sweater. It was cute, flattering and super comfortable. I could definitely see myself wearing this on the weekends or even to school. However, it was $78 and I just did not feel like it was worth $78. It was something I could pick up at Old Navy for half the price. There was super unique stitching on it, but another thing was that I know how I am in the mornings, and because this sweater was totally see-through, I would have spent 10 minutes searching for the right shirt to wear under it. It was too much work for my morning routine, so it just wasn't for me.

Status: Did not keep :(

Item #4: Ellison Olson Cotton Open Draped Plaid Shirt

The idea of this shirt was so cool! It was fringy-flared at the front with no buttons as a flowy, open cardigan. I seriously LOVED the style, and were it not for the color, I would have kept it. When I put it on, all I saw was my grandpa at his old construction sites with his maple bars and his canteen-coffee smelling like sawdust. Don't get me wrong, those are some of my fondest memories with my grandpa at the jobsite but these types of shirts are reserved for my grandpa and not for me. The plaid was a bit too blah for me and I didn't feel like it really popped or stood out. It was also $48 and since I was already in love with my pants, it was easy but a bit sad to say no to this top. 

Status: Not kept

Item #5: AV Max Ariella Love Script Necklace

This is why I love Laurie. She sees things like this and thinks of me. How super cute is this necklace? Were it not for the fact that I just bought like 5 new necklaces with Stella & Dot, I would have totally bought this necklace. It is so cute. However, with a last name like "Love," it's around me all the time. I don't really need to wear it around my neck as well. Super sweet and thoughtful? Totally. Worth $48? No way. 

Status: Not kept

Overall, I was not disappointed by my fix in any way shape or form this month. Laurie went out on a limb to look at things I've pinned and selected accordingly for me. However, I am really thankful that I didn't love more because it would have been reaaaaaallllllly hard for me to choose and/or to stay within my pre-set monthly clothing budget. Thankfully I only really loved one thing, so my budget is safe and I'm a happy girl. 

If you're interested in Stitch Fix, I highly recommend you check them out and start getting your monthly fixes as well. So good. 


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