Valentines Day: Then and Now

Some girls get chocolates and roses for Valentine's Day, some girls get love letters and cards expressing gratitude and appreciation, but being married to T. Love provides me with unique cards year after year that were recently uncovered this evening during a trip down memory lane...


This was when we were dating...


(First year of marriage. Also the year he had his students make me a Valentine's Day card because he was too busy...)

And also... the romantic letter I wanted for Valentine's Day that we don't speak of...




We also found these gems:

Timothy's chart before we got engaged on why we would "work," and the engagement ring he promised he would buy me...

Timothy's proposal speech (though reading back now I'm not sure I would have been flattered being called "frail and broken" during my proposal...) ;)

What can I say? I'm a lucky, lucky girl. 


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