Stitch Fix #5: Spring is just around the corner!

I love Stitch Fix

I am sincerely obsessed now and I highly recommend you start your own subscription with them because it basically transforms shopping. 

I never go to the mall anymore because I know that I'll be getting an awesome StitchFix shipment at the beginning of each month full of high-quality, customized pieces just for me. I love that. 

Stitch Fix also comes in way under my monthly clothing budget (which is small) and I appreciate that my stylist consistently chooses pieces that are affordable and within my range of comfort money-wise. 

If you've been intrigued to try Stitch Fix but haven't made the jump yet, now is the perfect time because spring is around the corner and you know that that means: Layering it up in Oregon. If you don't like what they send you, you can just send everything back. No harm, no foul. They also have a great return policy and a 100% satisfaction guarantee which I super appreciate. Hello Nordstrom!

Item #1: Loveappella Baltimore Chevron Striped Shirt

So I told myself that if I didn't like anything else in the box, that I could at least live with this shirt. I really don't like having to pay the $20 styling fee (which is waived if you make a purchase) so I try to make sure I love whatever it is I'm getting. I really did like this shirt and it was super different for me because I don't own any pink. It also was a flattering fit as well so I said "maybe" at first. But, I did end up loving something else so I opted not to get this shirt. For $48 I felt like I could have invested in a sweater or pants or a jacket for that money instead. Status: Did not keep.

Item #2: 41Hawthorn Julia Utility Jacket

(For the record, these pics are totally unflattering to my not-pregnant-belly. How unfortunate.)

I asked my stylist this month to start searching for spring jackets and/or military jackets. She sent this jacket which was unfortunately way too big for me, but I loved the color. Not a huge fan of the cut but the color was great. Status: Did not keep. 

Item #3: TCEC Roxanna Chevron Open Knit Cardigan

I really, really, really wanted to love this one because the cut was great and I loved the pattern. However, the sleeves were way too long and went down to my fingers when hanging. I would be rolling them up, bunching them and they would become shapeless and annoying. So for the sole reason of the too-long-sleeves, I sent it back (but it was suuuuuper soft!!). Status: Did not keep. 

Item #4: Dylan and Rose Dovette Draped Detail Dress

I told my stylist that I wanted more dresses for spring in this shipment, buuuuut I felt like I was wearing a toga. Totally not my style by any stretch of the imagination. Status: Did not keep. 

Item #5: Yumi Ava Burnout Striped Detail Belted Dress

Winner winner winner! 

I adore this dress. It is so "me" in every way, and it the perfect spring wedding/teaching/date night dress. It is extremely soft and the detail is actually this metallic-y see through material that shimmers. I also reversed the belt because I like the tan accent more than the blue, and I discovered that I can wear this dress with both black and brown leggings (or no leggings at all). This is also a really good color on me, so I was really happy that I was able to end up with one item that I loved. Status: Kept.

More and more I'm thrilled that Stitch Fix is my go-to shopping service. I find that the quality of their clothing item far surpasses what Nordstrom is offering these days, and definitely higher quality than what I am used to getting at GAP. It is a bit of a risk "blind shopping," but when you develop a relationship with your stylist and communicate openly and articulately about what you like and what you need, they work really hard to listen and send you things they think you'll love. 

Check out Stitch Fix here for more information and additional reviews! Until next time...



  1. Cute fix! The dress you kept looks great & seems really versatile for our Oregon weather. I also really like the first top on you, but understand your justification. (I do the same thing!)

  2. I love the dress! And I love your hair :) you are so cute.


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