Stitch Fix #6: I found my most favorite coat in the world

I have been looking for the perfect military jacket for a year, and of course Stitch Fix found it for me! 

Before I get to that though... have you joined Stitch Fix yet?!?

Just click this link, fill out your profile, take a deep breath, trust your stylist and jump in. If Stitch Fix can convert this solemn Nordstrom shopper to never shop there anymore, they can transform anyone's shopping habits. 

Literally. I haven't shopped at Nordstrom since November, and that is saying huge things for this girl right here. In fact, I haven't shopped anywhere except to redeem my free GAP rewards points last month besides my monthly Stitch Fix shipments. 

I absolutely adore that I'm building a relationship with my stylist, she's getting to know me and what I like, and she seriously sends me things true to form. 

This month I asked Laurie to send me some open front cardigans, a pair of skinny jeans, a chambray top and to pleasepleaseprettyplease try to find me a great military jacket because I have been looking for one FOR-EV-ER. 

(Between last month's fix and this one, I found a military jacket I thought I loved at Nordstrom and bought it. More on that, later.)

So, without further delay, a review of "what's in my box" AKA my personally designed shopping trip that arrived at my front door this weekend. 

Item #1: Calistoga Airy Knit Striped Cardigan

So I really, really liked this sweater. It was super soft and super silky and I could definitely pair it with some comfy leggings or skinny jeans, but it had some bigger loops in the threading and because of that stretched out already a bit when I put it on. That, and it was $118. Yowzers. 

I am extremely picky about clothes that I spend $$$ {a lot} of money, which is basically like never. {Unless they are leather boots of course, and then I have been known to splurge...}

So if this sweater were $45 I would have absolutely kept it. But to get me to pay $118 for a sweater that is soft but already a little stretched out in the arms... no bueno. I did not keep this item. :(

Item #2: Delmont Lace Detailed Chambray Shirt

I tried this on, but you guys didn't need to see me in this. I looked like an 80s poster child who needed some ripped tights and a Madnonna-esque glove on my left hand. It also crept high up my neck and reminded me of something that I might have cringed at wearing in ten years. It was a relatively good price if you like 80s clothes... but it was not for me. {Loved the buttons though!} Sooo... needless to say I did not keep this shirt. 

Item #3: Domingo Tribal Knit Tie-Waist Cardigan

 To Laurie's credit I totally did ask for tribal print and this totally looks like it would be a cute sweater... however, it did not fit me well at. all. {However, at only $38 it was quite a steal.}

I am way too short for this sweater. I was basically wearing a bathrobe, and could think of absolutely zero outfits that I own that this sweater would look good with. If it was about a foot shorter and did not have the tie, I would consider it. But, how was Laurie supposed to know? That's the beauty of having a stylist-- I tell her what I'm looking for, she finds it, we try it, it works or doesn't and then we try again. :) I definitely didn't keep this sweater. 

Item #4: Kensie's Johnny Skinny Jeans

I soooooooo wanted to keep these jeans!

They were the thickest, softest pair of jeans I have ever felt in my life. In fact, I basically knew I was going to keep them the second I tried them on. 

However, my thighs said otherwise. 

Sadly {and maybe once track season is over this will be a different season...} the fabric was too tight on my thighs and again, for a high price (these were $88) I am very very very picky. I loved the cut, the wash, the fabric-- everything. But they were pinching my thighs and it would bug me every day. All these jeans needed was a little bit of stretch and they would have been absolutely perfect. Maybe next time... :( 

Very sadly I did not keep them.

Item #5: Pomelo Hooded Anorak Cargo Jacket

I love everything about this jacket!

This is the military jacket I have been looking for forever. In fact, I promptly returned my other military jacket at Nordstrom this weekend because it wasn't as nearly as cool or as flattering as this jacket. This was my perfect jacket embodied that I have been diligently searching for over a year for. 

{Thank you Laurie!!! This is why I like you so much.}

I love the quality, the fabric, the material-- you name it. Also, it was the exact same price as the Nordstrom jacket so no harm, no foul to my bank account. 

Even though I don't keep everything in my shipment each time, that's not necessarily the point for me. The point is that I discover new brands, have a personalized shopping experience, receive high-quality items and get to try things on in the comfort of my own room without pressure from salespeople or harsh lighting and three-paneled mirrors. 

Stitch Fix is like Christmas each month and I adore it. Can't wait until the next shipment!



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