Resolution Progress

So my resolutions update. 


Basically that sigh is because I canceled my gym membership and basically got zero meaningful exercise except for the laps I walk around my classroom on a daily basis and the movement I get from photo shoots & weddings. I also knew track season was approaching and I wouldn't get usage from the gym at all. 

So, while my resolution number one-- to get moving each day for 20 minutes-- kinda sorta flopped the last four months, track season started today and I was moving! This resolution will be thoroughly successful at least the next couple of months. 

Resolution #2 had to do with cooking organically, as clean as can be and skipping the dining out. Our meals cost us on average $4 per person, per day. That's $12 a day for food and roughly $360 a month. SO HIGH compared to what we used to pay, but at the same time, we never eat out and 99% of that food is organic and unprocessed. To give myself the shopping and eating out fix I crave after a long work week, we shop at New Seasons because a) I love supporting locally and b) the samples there are unreal-- Costco worthy. So it's more of a shopping and relaxing-spa-like experience when we shop at New Seasons. I'm not complaining about the higher grocery bill, let's just say that. 

Also, every Sunday morning I browse Pinterest and other clean eating blogs I love to meal plan for the entire week. It's my restful ritual and planning new meals is exciting because we get to try something new. My other favorite website is Simple Green Smoothies which is where I get a lot of my green smoothie recipes for my morning breakfast. 

Resolution #3: Credit Cards

Ahhhh we had such a beautiful relationship not working together these last few months. We even paid for our entire spring break vacation in cash which was blissful and invigorating. 

But what was that? Just after we got home my business computer blew and I had not choice but to buy a new one? (With money we did not have saved up in cash...)

So, I'm happy to report that I have an awesome new 21inch iMac computer that will last me ages and will totally support my business... but sad to report I had to finance half of it. Bleh.

Otherwise, T and I have spend absolutely 0% on our credit cards this year and have been proud to stock up our travel savings account in the meantime. Just wish the computer crashing would have happened before spring break with the extra cash we had lying around and not after!

Overall, keeping up my New Year's Resolutions has been easier than I had imagined, but it has definitely been met with some temptation. I keep reminding myself... saying yes to something big down the road will mean saying no to a lot of other things right now.  

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