Stitch Fix: May Edition

If you're just joining this blog and wondering "What the heck is Stitch Fix?", every month I share what's in my box in order to show you how not only awesome, but how non-scary trusting someone else to do your shopping for you can be. (Last month I received my box the day I left for outdoor school and after frantically trying on the clothes before I headed out the door in order to send them back on time, I forgot to take pictures. I kept a pair of red colored jeans except they stretched out a lot when I wore them the first time, so I sent them back. Stitch Fix has awesome customer service and a great return policy, btw!!)

Stitch Fix is a personal styling company based out of San Francisco where virtual personal stylists (yes, they're real people!) get to know you individually in order to put together five pieces and outfits for you every month. They follow your Pinterest style boards, Instagram accounts, and even check you out through LinkedIn in order to see what you need personal for work, life, going out, weekends, etc. You create thorough "style profiles," by selecting which colors, patterns, sizes, etc. best represent you and what you're looking for.

Some months, all pieces are a hit, some months, I just choose one, and a couple of times I haven't chosen anything. Stitch Fix is a free service, minus a $20 styling fee that gets credited back to you if you make a purchase. (This makes a ton of sense-- so people aren't just having clothes shipped, wearing them on the weekends, and sending them all back.)

So... what was in my box this month?

Item #1 Pomelo Downing Striped Knit Shirt

I loved that this shirt was yellow! I own nothing yellow, and it's also such a perfect, comfy, casual shirt for teaching or the weekends. Definitely "me" and I definitely kept it. 

Item #2 41 Hawthorn Hilton 3/4 Sleeve Lace Blouse

I was reaaaaaaallllyyy torn with this shirt. I mean, how beautiful is this?! I adore the cobalt blue color and it looks great with white jeans and/or black skinnies. I would definitely have worn this out on the town. However, it was $80 and knowing me, I would snag it. It is super fragile with the lace and delicate nature and I am just kind of a klutz sometimes, as graceful as I try to appear. I didn't even want to chance it, nor did I want it to just be hanging in my closet for special occasions. Better to send it back now before I have a chance to change my mind...

Item #3 Kut from the Kloth Somerville Printed Short Sleeve Top

Something that was kind of a bummer about this shipment was that the sizing was off this time. Totally not their fault, as different brands have different sizing. However, even though I LOVED this top, it was way too big and felt very boxy. I don't have a petite frame, so boxy tops make me look really big and it wasn't very flattering. Maybe next time-- I am crossing my fingers for the perfect Aztec top!

Item #4 Tart Jacobsen Striped Knit Tank

I don't know... I just felt very "meh" about this top. It was really thick but kind of tight, and I don't look that great in coral. So, I did not keep it. 

Item #5 Just Black Nolan Ankle Skinny Jeans

This is just a boring, basic iPhone pic because I couldn't even get these jeans up my legs! I think this is another example of pants ranging in fit and why I loathe jean shopping. However, the material was stretchy and awesome and I really really really want a pair of thick white jeans. Since I couldn't even get them halfway up, I opted not to keep them. ;)

Even though I ended up with just one piece from this month's shipment, that is totally fine with me! Stitch Fix is now allowing for shipments every 2 - 3 weeks which is awesome, instead of having to wait a whole month. Like I have said in previous posts, I haven't been to the mall since Christmas and rarely do I spend even close to $100 on clothes a month. That is a record for me. 

The quality of clothing items Stitch Fix sends are not only durable but the pieces are also unique and you cannot get them in stores. That's what I loved about it, so if you're interested in trying Stitch Fix for yourself, click this link and head on over! 

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