Where have I been?

I dip in and out of the blog-o-sphere from time to time because to be honest, I really didn't like my old blog layout. It didn't feel like me, and it was pretty boring. So, I didn't feel like writing. 

I am kind of a compulsive-neurotic writer in that I take joy in curling up and writing when the following things are in order:

1) I have fresh thin-tipped sharpies or a fresh black fine point pen
2) I have a crisp hardcover Moleskine or composition book
3) The setting is just right and I can rest for several minutes to think

If those things aren't in place, I don't write. 

Kind of like my old blog layout. I felt like I was writing on the back of a McDonalds wrapper with it. Sure, it got the writing job done, but it wasn't enjoyable and it was kinda weird. 

Am I alone in this type of neurotic writing-materials-control thing? 

Say it isn't so...

So now that my pages are fresh and my blog has received a face-lift, the writing can commence again. (Thank you 17thavenuedesigns!!)

As far as where I've been these past months...

1) Coaching Track (middle school-- woohoo!)

2) Attending Outdoor School 

3) Teaching (double woohoo!!)

4) Photographing + booking photographing sessions (triple woohoo!!)

5) Summer-travel planning (okay, the woohoos are permanent now...)

6) Hanging out with my awesome fam

7) Enjoying the gorgeous weather (thank you Oregon!)

8) Meal-planning and budgeting to keep up with my 2014 resolutions (winning!)

9) Dating my husband

10) Reading books and loading my Pinterest with recipes I've been cooking

I'm excited to be back now that I have more free time to write on my fresh new paper and loving the moments that make up my life on a daily basis. 

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