About Me

I am a wife. A teacher. A traveler. A photographer. A lover of creating memorable experiences and eating out. I am passionate about capturing things from different perspectives, whether that's considering someone else's viewpoint, or tilting my camera at an angle that's infrequently seen. 
My life work that I've chosen is to pour into adolescents truth and knowledge, while serving as a coach/mentor/teacher/encourager, and any other role I fit in within my classroom walls.

I enjoy a good pair of leather boots, staycations downtown, exploring the world by foot or car, and Saturday morning breakfasts. A few of my favorite things:


Piazza Italia (Portland)

Broder Portland (Best. breakfast. ever.)

Frye boots. Enough said.


And of course, my guidance.
This blog is a forum in which I write about the ins and outs of the rich life that T and I live. And by rich, I'm meaning rich experiences... not paychecks. ;) We love to travel, explore, eat, laugh, play, teach and relish the lives we lead. We're far from perfect... in fact, you'll see that reflected upon as a recurring theme! But we are trying to live our lives for the glory of God as best as we can. We are in no rush to live by the standards of society, but simply the way God wants us to. We are beyond blessed by amazing friends, family, relationships, and most importantly, our ever-evolving marriage.  

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