Our Story

This is my sweet husband T. Love:

and this is me, Megan:

Put the two of us together, and you have our story. The story of us. The story of how these two teachers came together and became... The Loves.


It all started on a warm, summer night where not a cloud was in sight, and all the stars were twinkling brightly in the sky. 

Actually, it didn't start like that at all. In fact, it was the 2nd week in December and absolutely freezing out. Knowing Portland, there definitely would have been clouds. :) 

I was immersed in the MAT program at George Fox, studying to become an elementary / middle school teacher, and I was up to my ears in prep work for finishing out the week before winter break strong. I was student teaching at Hopkins Elementary School in Sherwood for a 5th grade class, and needed help wrapping 30 picture frames as good-bye gifts for my students. (I was ambitious). I wearily realized that week that I would not be able to finish my papers + finish my student teaching + wrap 30 presents in three days, so I quickly posted a plea/request/bribe on Facebook that if anyone came over to help me, I'd cook them dinner that night. And who responded, might you ask? No, not my husband, but our dear friend Michael Sleigh:

(We pretty much owe our marriage even beginning to Michael Sleigh, which is why he gets his own photo on this page.) 

So anyway, Mike, an old and dear friend of mine (ours), volunteered to come over and help me that night wrap 30 picture frames for my students, which took us a few hours. During that time we caught up on life, what we were doing, what future plans were, etc., and I mentioned that I was going to start a 6th grade Language Arts placement in a couple of weeks. He casually mentioned, "Oh, T. Love (his roommate at the time) teaches 6th grade, maybe he could give you advice?" and I casually said, "Oh, yeah, I should get in touch with him about that..." (not sure if I actually would.)

You see, my husband was a 6th grade teacher also during that time. And not just any 6th grade teacher, but one of THE COOLEST 6th grade teachers McMinnville School District had ever seen. He stood on desks, made chariot races out of pulleys, created mazes within desks and pretty much any other dynamically simulated activity to teach history you could think of. His epic adventures had definitely caught my eye when they made their Facebook debut, but I didn't know him well enough to approach him. We had several mutual friends and ran in the same circle at our then-home church, Solid Rock Fellowship, but had never really had a sit-down conversation. 

So, after a long night of cutting, taping and wrapping, Mike headed home and I finished my homework and went to bed. But before I turned the lights out, I checked my e-mail one last time, and there was an email waiting for me from none other than T. Love. It said something simple like, "Hi Megan, welcome to the life of middle schoolers. I heard you're teaching 6th grade, so if you'd ever like to get together for lunch or coffee, I'd love to share some tips and advice with you." To which I responded, "Great! I'd love to take you up on that offer? When and where?" So, a polite e-mail correspondence ensued for a couple of days until we decided on breakfast at the Stepping Stone cafe in Portland, on the Monday that winter break had both started for us. 

We both entered our breakfast shindig with the mindset that it was totally platonic-- we were both teachers, we kind of knew eachother, and we were going to exchange advice and strategies with eachother regarding our professions. Well, 5 man-cakes, 8 cups of coffee and 4 hours later, we are still at the Stepping Stone cafe talking about our lives, our passions, our purposes, and ironically enough, never talked about teaching tips or strategies at all. We ended up walking around 23rd street going Christmas shopping, continuing to share our stories and just getting to know eachother in a surprisingly unexpected way. 

About two weeks went by without our seeing or talking to eachother because T went to visit family in Hawaii, and then went on a West Coast road trip, and I stayed back home and prepared for the upcoming school year. While we both left our breakfast get-together with a mystified feeling, I had thought that was the end of it, but little did I know that I was apparently on his mind for the next two weeks-- so much so that he actually got some relationship advice from his seat-mate-stranger on his flights to and from Hawaii!

When he returned home, winter break was over and we were both beginning our school years. The day before my first day teaching 6th grade, he emailed me, wished me some luck, and then asked if I'd like to have breakfast again with him the upcoming weekend. "YES!!!!!!!!!!" was all I could think of, but of course I played it cool and said something like, "Sure- it would be great to see you again." :) After another 5-hour breakfast with I don't even know how many cups of coffee, we knew something special was forming between us. 

I won't go into the details of each date following after that, but needless to say we were both falling in love. We had our quintessential "define the relationship" talk, where we both knew we wanted to invest in eachother's lives, and emphatically agreed that we'd never been in a relationship with so much peace before. For the next three months (yes, only three), I was met with surprise flowers, banners, posters on my car, dates, coffee drinks, (he was huge on surprising me all the time...) until finally, a completely surprise proposal. 

On April 17th of that year, my darling husband and I traveled to the Woodburn Tulip Fields during the wee hours of the morning sunrise to shoot (what I though) sunrise pictures across the colored rows of tulips. Unfortunately I dressed in clothes I could get completely dirty and didn't shower, and fortunately he had a camera guy there to capture the whole thing. Five seconds later and he's down on one knee, wearing a tuxedo beneath his tear-away clothes, and proposing to me at sunrise. And if that wasn't enough, he had a hot air balloon ride and champagne brunch waiting for us when we were finished!

Three months after that epic proposal, we set off on a new adventure called becoming husband and wife. 

We got married at the absolutely gorgeous Laurel Ridge Winery in Carlton, Oregon amongst sunshine, family, friends and good wine, honeymooned in Paris and Spain,

 roadtripped to Colorado and enjoyed the rest of the summer setting up house as newlyweds before the school year started.

Our early years of marriage have been about discovery. We've learned how to be a husband and a wife to eachother, and not just a fiancee or a boyfriend and girlfriend. We've learned how to communicate respect in the way the other person needs, and to make sacrifices out of love for the other person (even when it's not our first choice...). There were a lot of bumps in that road, as the road to discovery isn't typically a smooth one. But our story is this:

Two people who wholly and totally love eachother, who help eachother grow, who travel around the world and explore together, who love to see the other person succeed, who learn from eachother, who aren't afraid to say what needs to be said, who are committed to a lifetime of discovery, and who submit everything to the Lord and trust in Him to guide us. I am absolutely married to my best friend, and am so blessed that God chose him for me, even after the life that I've been through so far. Totally thankful, yet totally undeserving. 

My Father God is absolutely amazing.

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